Reunions abound in this Monday's mid-season episode of "The Originals" season 2!

Last episode, Rebekah met up with Elijah but suddenly feared for Hope's life when she realized he has somewhat lost his mind. She promptly called Klaus for help after discovering the trail of dead bodies that Elijah left at the diner they met up at.

With their daughter's life in danger, Klaus and Hayley have no choice but to go and retrieve her. Will she be safer in his parent's hands back in New Orleans?

According to the synopsis for "Map Of Moments," Esther will form an "unlikely alliance that could prove dangerous for Klaus."

With the episode 9 teaser showing Esther meeting up with Mikael, will this alliance be of the estranged couple?

Cami's life will also be in danger. Esther had prepared her to become a vessel for Rebekah should she choose to take up her mother's offer to become mortal again. Khol, on the other hand, will confess about a spell he created in 1914 to Davina.

Now that she has her daughter with her again, Hayley will have second thoughts about her offer to marry Jackson. Will she choose her duty or her family?

Watch the trailer for next week below! Browse through the gallery to see Klaus with his daughter Hope and more "The Originals" season 2 mid-season finale photos!