Jane and Rafael are finally a couple in "Jane The Virgin" but three little words might just complicate their budding romance.

No, it's not "I love you," but more along the lines of "I'm a virgin."

What will happen to their relationship once Rafael finds out Jane never went beyond making out with her now ex-fiance Michael? Seeing as he's a former player, will he pressure her into doing it with him? After all, they're already having a baby together soon.

Meanwhile, last episode, Rafael had to cancel another romantic night with Jane with his father sending him to Mexico for an unknown reason. Of course Petra had something to do with it.

From the sneak peek photos, it looks like Xiomara will be realizing her dream of being a recording star! Did Rogelio have anything to do with it?

Watch the Chapter 8 teaser video below and view some "Jane The Virgin" season 1 photos in the gallery!