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K-Drama Stars With December Birthdays

BY Julie Jones | Dec 01, 2014 12:25 PM EST


People who have birthdays in December often complain that their birthday is overshadowed by the winter holidays. That may also be the case with k-drama stars, so we would like to celebrate their birthdays here.

The month's celebrations start out with the Dec. 1 birthday of rising star Im Si Wan. He attracted attention this year for his roles in the drama "Triangle" and the film "The Attorney." But he's also a hit in the office drama "Misaeng" in which he plays a rookie worker held back by his lack of impressive degrees.

Im Si Wan, a member of the band ZE:A, is 26 this year.

Next up is Bae Soo Bin, whose birthday is Dec. 9. Last year he was subtly evil in his role as a prosecutor in the melodrama "Secrets." This year he's a comic jerk in "The Greatest Marriage." Up next is a comedy about chickens titled "My Heart Shines." This versatile actor will be 38 this year.

Bae Soo Bin shares his Dec. 9 birthday with Shinee member Choi Minho. His last role was in the drama "Medical Top Team" when he played Kim Sung Woo. He also appeared in "To The Beautiful You."

Ham Eun Jung, who belongs to the girl group T-ara, has a birthday on Dec. 12. This year she appeared in the drama "Endless Love," playing Tae Cho Ae. Performing with T-ara keeps her busy. Her last drama role before that was "Queen Insoo" in 2012.

She shares her birthday with Big Bang's youngest member Seungri.

Seungri played Teddy Seo in the drama "Angel Eyes," which co-starred Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun. Lately he has been taking it easy following a car accident. He will be 24 this year.

Jang Hyuk celebrates his birthday on Dec. 20 and he can also celebrate an impressive year in 2014. He had a hit with the comedy "Fated To Love You," co-starring Jang Nara. He also had a cameo role in the web drama "Love Cells" and appeared in a drama special with Jang Nara. He can be seen in the film "Innocent Thing" this year and next year appears in "The Age of Innocence."

Jo Jung Suk celebrates his birthday on the 26th and he can look back on a successful year. He appeared in two films this year, "The Fatal Encounter" and "My Love, My Bride."

Ok Taecyeon celebrates the last k-drama birthday in the year as he was born on Dec. 27. The 2PM singer has been acting for a while and this year he won praise for playing Kang Dong Hee in 'Wonderful Days." The singer, who will be 26 this year, toured the U.S. as part of 2PM's "Go Crazy" tour.

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