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Choi Min Sik And Park Yoochun Honored At Beautiful Artist Awards

BY Julie Jones | Dec 03, 2014 11:51 AM EST


Choi Min Sik and Park Yoochun have been racking up the awards this year. And the latest award they were nominated for is the Fourth Beautiful Artist Award.

Both actors won big at the Grand Bell Awards with Choi Min Sik winning a Best Actor award for his role as the undefeatable admiral in the blockbuster hit "The Admiral: Roaring Currents." JYJ singer-turned-actor Park Yoochun won a Best New Actor award for his performance as ship hand Dong Sik in the film "Sea Fog."

They are being honored for the same performances in the upcoming Beautiful Artists Awards, which are given by the Sin Yeong Gyoon Arts and Cultural Foundation.

Choi Min Sik is being honored with the Grand Prize.

A representative of the foundation recently explained the award to Newsen, saying,  "Choi Min Sik made everyone realize how actors of our generation have had an impact on society. He emphasized the value of acting through his roles in "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" and in director Luc Bresson's film "Lucy," both of which set a good example internationally."

The foundation also had some praise for Park Yoochun's performance, which they are honoring with a Best Artist Award. Although the actor has acquired a reputation as a fine drama star this was his first venture into film.

"With Sea Fog as his first movie, the way he managed to deal with the role of Dong Sik, a rough and tough character, has impressed many," said the foundation representative.

Also up for an award this year is Uim Aing Ran, the 78-year-old actress who starred in a total of 190 Korean films. She is nominated for an award based on her career achievements. Another nomination has been given to Park Jung Ja, a stage actress.

Sin Yeong Gyoon, an 86-year-old actor who has appeared in hundreds of k-movies, established the Beautiful Artist Awards. Ahn Seong Gi, an actor, who appeared this year in the film "The Divine Move," serves as the chairman of the foundation's board.

The awards are given to actors and actresses who are considered outstanding in their areas of expertise and whose performances have contributed to the development of Korean arts and culture. The prize money awarded totals around $90,000. The Grand Prize winner gets around $40,000 in prizes and other category winners receive around $20,000 in prizes and a trophy.

The awards ceremony will take place on Dec. 9 at the Seoul Junggu Sejong Road Press Center.

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