Last Friday, fans said good-bye to one of "Grimm" season 4's most engaging character.

Trubel or Theresa Rubel, (Jacqueline Toboni) decided to go back with Josh to Philadelphia now that Nick's (David Giuntoli) powers are back. Thinking that she needed to train Josh in dealing with the group of Hundjager that's after him, she gave Nick a tearful goodbye before leaving Portland in Aunt Marie's old car.

Thanks to Nick's guidance, Trubel has become a better Grimm compared to her troubled, paranoid self back in season three. The series became even more exciting when she came into the picture. She also became an important part in Nick's life, especially when he lost his powers.

Will she ever come back? Maybe she'll be back in future episodes as an even stronger Grimm, but for now, here's a look back at her growth under Nick in "Grimm."

Browse through the gallery to see Trubel's journey from season 3 to "Grimm" season 4.