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‘Crybaby’ Nam Bo Ra, “I Want To Stop Crying, But…” Cries Again

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 15, 2012 09:05 AM EDT


Actress Nam Bo Ra said, "I want to stop crying, but..." and ended up crying again. 

The production briefing for the movie 'Don't Cry, Mommy' (directed by Kim Yong Han, produced by Daisy Entertaiment) was held at the Lotte Cinema in Seoul on the 15th.

Nam Bo Ra plays the role of Eun Ha, a student that got raped in her high school. She recently cried while speaking with the audience at the 17th Busan International Film Festival and cried again while watching the highlight clips during the production briefing.

In regards to her remembering all the difficult scenes she filmed and crying, Nam Bo Ra said, "The interview took place right after the movie finished. The movie itself is just depressing and I didn't have the time to get a grip on my emotions. During the interview, I tried to get a hold of myself. However, when I was asked how I was able to act emotionally, all the feelings that I felt while acting came rushing back so I ended up crying."

She then went on to say with tears, "I want to stop crying. Since I keep on crying, I'm worried that rumors will spread about me being a crybaby."

'Don't Cry Mommy' is the story of a mother (played by Yoo Sun) getting revenge because her daughter (played by Nam Bo Ra) got raped at school and then ended up committing suicide. The movie will released in November.

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