'Infinite Challenge' Yoo Jae Suk Reveals Feelings On 300th Episode

Infinite Challenge
Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk told all about how he feels about 'Infinite Challenge.'

MBC's 'Infinite Challenge' met its 300th episode this Saturday and in a tent, they talked 1-on-1 about how they really feel. 

When Jung Hyung Don brings up the subject about Ji Ho, Yoo Jae Suk's son, he says that he's really sorry that he can't even take his son to an amusement park. He said, "I told him that I can't go where there's a lot of people. I really want to take him and we're okay but the whole family can't really do things that we can all enjoy."

He also didn't hide his affection for "Infinite Challenge." Jung Hyung Don said, "If this show goes away, I think a part of me will die as well." and Jae Suk replies, "I feel the same way. I think my life on television and variety shows will be tied to the fate of 'Infinite Challenge."

He continued, "When will we ever get to do another program like this? No matter how hard you try, it's going to be impossible to do another film like this."

To HaHa and No Hong Chul, he said, "I wanted to tell you guys this at some point. I know I may be reliable for you guys right now but me being here is not letting you grow and go free. You guys aren't able to use the skills I have but someday you have to have those skills too."

The 300th Episode was a chance for them to rest and give each other advice. They rewatched all their previous episodes and thought back on their memories. 

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