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When It Comes To Solving Mysteries, Girls Rule

BY Julie Jones | Dec 23, 2014 12:23 PM EST


Secrets can be dangerous. That's why the producer of the drama "Seonam Girls High School Investigators" describes his production as a "black comedy."

"The overall ambience of the story is pretty serious," said the drama's producer Yeo Woon Hyuk at a recent press conference. "So I tried to gain laughs as much as I could."

In his new drama, "Seonam Girls High School Investigators," five high school girls team up to solve the mysteries behind the scandals that take place in their school. They get some help from a good-looking teacher and two of their smarter male classmates.

While the premise of the drama may seem like it would provide comedy material, the scandals concern serious problems such as bullying, suicide and stress-inducing competition.

"It's a black comedy," said Yeo. "And I'm sure it will serve a certain role in society. It is my assignment to deliver these subjects in a funnier way."

Yeo also wants to offer hope to the students who might encounter such problems. When a young person is in the middle of such problems it can be hard to think that he or she will ever escape them.

"Students who experience such things suffer," said Yeo. "But I just wanted to tell them that it passes eventually."

The drama is based on Park Ha Ik's novel of the same name. It stars Jin Ji Hee, Girls Day's Hyeri and stunning model-turned actress Stephanie Lee.

Jin Ji Hee appeared in "High Kick Through The Roof," "Queen Insoo" and "Goddess of Fire." She plays Ahn Chae Yool, a transfer student to Seonam Girls High School. A mysterious man bites Ahn Chae Yool on her first day at her new school. The high school team of investigators is investigating the man who bit her and asks her to join them.

At first Ahn Chae Yool refuses but then she discovers an important clue.

Lee Hyeri, who previously appeared in the drama "Father and Daughter," plays Ye Hee, a beautiful girl used to trading on her looks. It's her first drama role in two years and she recently also landed a role in "Hyde, Jekyll and I."

 "Ye Hee considers herself to be a beauty queen but she later becomes the subject of mockery among her friends," said Hyeri.

The drama is shown once a week. The director chose to air the drama this way, he said, so he can make each episode even better.

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