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Actress Han Hye Jin Helps Local Tanzanian Children

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 23, 2012 05:22 PM EDT


Actress Han Hye Jin recently shared her good deeds on twitter.

On October 22nd, Han Hye Jin shared 4 pictures about her recent trip to Tanzania with the "KBS Road of Hope" Team.
In the firsts couple of photos she is posing with a child, both widely smiling, showing the readers how happy she felt. The other picture shows the school children she helped. 
On the next picture she has her arms wide opened looking very relaxed and refreshed, with the caption "In the Kilimanjaro Mountains, I think I've seen every animal that appeared in The Lion King."
Her last picture is of a giraffe that appeared in her way. She captions "While on the way to meet the children, we came across a giraffe. I counted 6 on this day. They say it's hard to see the giraffes nowadays"
KBS Road of Hope is a program that raises money for charity while increasing the awareness of poverty around the world. Stars like BoA, Yoon Eun hye and Ahn Sung Ki, have participated in the program. It is reported that the show collected US $3.8 million in 2010, and US$11 million. It is currently in its third season which aired on July. 

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