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Jung Woo Sung Is Again The Subject Of Dating Rumors

BY Julie Jones | Jan 09, 2015 12:58 PM EST


Jung Woo Sung is once again the subject of dating rumors, which his agency once again denies.

An article in Sports Dong-A said that a thirty-something Korean-American woman accompanied the actor when he met some of his friends in December 2014. Rumors said that the couple has dated for less than a year but that she often comes along when he meets his friends.

The actor's agency, Red Brick House, told Star News on Jan. 9 that the rumors were false.

"Jung Woo Sung is extroverted and meets with friends often," said a Red Brick representative. "We think it's a misunderstanding that got out of hand."

Supposedly Jung Woo Sung and his woman friend go on double dates with Lee Jung Jae and his girlfriend heiress Lim Se Ryung. The dates often supposedly take place in Jung Woo Sung's neighborhood.

Jung Woo Sung is close Lee Jung Jae whom he met while filming the 1999 movie "City of the Rising Sun." In that movie they played good friends. The friends co-own and co-invest in several businesses, including the men's clothing brand FAB. Both men are known for their interest in fashion.

Jung Woo Sung's new dating rumors may have arisen because earlier in the week his friend Lee Jung Jae admitted to dating Lim Se Ryung. As a result, the daily lives of many people Lee Jung Jae knows or socializes with  are under closer scrutiny.

The actor was involved in one dating scandal. While filming the drama "Athena,' he began to date his co-star actress Lee Ji Ah. They were photographed on a date together in Paris in March 2011, forcing them to go public with their relationship. Shortly before the trip he had posted a message on his fan club website saying he met a new friend for whom he had good feelings.

But the news that Lee Ji Ah had been secretly married to and divorced from idol Seo Taiji was released the following month. The relationship did not survive the publicity about the secret marriage and subsequent divorce. The Korean press reported that Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah broke up three months later.

In June 2014 it was reported that Jung Woo Sung was dating a non-celebrity who lived abroad but his agency also denied those rumors.

Jung Woo Sung's next project is the indie film "Don't Forget Me," which is slated for release this year.

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