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‘Birth of a Beauty' Concludes With Cautionary Words Against Full-Body Plastic Surgery

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 12, 2015 11:32 AM EST


The SBS weekend drama “Birth of a Beauty” concluded with twenty-one episodes and a few well placed phrases that advised against the pursuit of full-body plastic surgery.

The drama tended to highlight the benefits of total body plastic surgery, which was employed as a major plot device. “Birth of a Beauty” opened with the pitiful story of Sa Geum Ran (Ha Jae Suk), an overweight housewife, who loyally cares for her husband’s grandmother and family.

The sad tale of Geum Ran is juxtaposed with the life of Sara (Han Ye Seul), a vivacious and beautiful woman who believes she has just arrived in Korea from the United States. As the plot unravels, it is revealed that Sara and Geum Ran are the same woman. After a near-fatal motor vehicle accident, Geum Ran is believed to be dead, which enables her to undergo full-body plastic surgery and assume the identity of Sara.

Throughout the course of “Birth of a Beauty,” it appeared as though the writers were championing the lifestyle of someone who abandons their former life to embrace plastic surgery beauty. Through her transformation, Sara becomes the envy of most women.

She develops a relationship with Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) who continues to refer to her as ahjumma even though she is now an attractive young woman. She initially believes that Tae Hee is the plastic surgeon who aided with her transformation but later discovers that she was incorrect. In a plot twist, he follows his destined path towards becoming the CEO of Winner Group, which makes him more financially successful than Sara’s first husband.

Sara faced some consequences for deceiving her in-laws and others around her but it seemed as though she had few regrets about leaving Geum Ran behind.

However, the final episode concluded with Sara offering numerous examples as to why full-body plastic surgery is not the greatest thing nor is it the best way to achieve a fairy tale ending in life.

She expresses her concerns with Tae Hee, during a small celebration party for his accomplishments with Winner Group. Sara asks, “Aren't you concerned about our marriage?” As Tae Hee attempts to reassure her she states, “I am different from other women. First off, I’m a plastic surgery beauty. I don’t know when I’ll get delirium and lose my memory or suffer from side effects of the surgery.”

Tae Hee encourages her to list another valid concern, which is related to her full-body procedure. She goes on to say, “If we have a child, it may not resemble how I am now.” Throughout the conversation, Tae Hee is supportive and acknowledges the issues she is most worried about.

Sara also has a similar conversation with her sister. Following an upbeat conversation regarding the reopening of the restaurant and Sara’s impending nuptials, her sister tells her she has something she wants to talk about. She states, “I’m thinking about doing total body plastic surgery too. I want to change myself completely, like you.”

Sara appears shocked and retrieves medication from her purse which turns out to be delirium medication. She explains to her sister, “Due to a side effect of the general anesthesia, I don’t know when the delirium will come, so I have to take medication. I won’t hurt my body with plastic surgery ever again. What we need is the confidence to know that image we see in the mirror is pretty.”

Sara goes on to tell her, “That’s what we need. It’s not that we need surgery.” Her sister appears skeptical but Sara is completely aware of the side effects and benefits of total body plastic surgery.Through this ending, “Birth of a Beauty” redeems itself as a drama which may have initially glorified full body surgery. Sara learns that her inner beauty was as important as the image she projects to the world and that is something that no one can steal from her.

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