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Kang Dong Won’s Christmas Video Revealed, He Has A Irreplaceable Visual ‘Just Looking At Him Makes You Smile’

By Staff Writer | Dec 13, 2012 08:43 AM EST


On the 13th, through a channel on Youtube, Kang Dong Won revealed a 30 second video that has a Christmas atmosphere. It is one of the "making of" videos from the photoshoot from star magazine 'High Cut' that was published on the 6th.

In the video, Kang Dong Won makes the hearts of his fans flutter as he loads presents while smiling brightly.

This special Christmas video was directed by Lee Myung Se, who Kang Dong Won has previously worked with for movies 'M' and 'Detective'. The special 3-minute video produced by Lee Myung Se will be revealed on the 17th.

Including the Christmas video, the special videos will be split into 5 chapters. These videos can be called a magazine digest's version of Kang Dong Won's appeal as an actor as they contain many different images of him.

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