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‘Kangnam 1970’ AOA Sulhyun discusses her character

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 15, 2015 06:43 PM EST


Sulhyun, a member of of the girl group AOA who debuted as an actress through the upcoming film 'Kangnam 1970,' shared her thoughts on her character in the film.

Director Yoo Ha, along with the actors and actresses who star in the film, attended the press release of 'Kangnam 1970,' and shared their thoughts on the film. On this day, actress Sulhyun shared her thoughts on the character, and filming the movie. Actress Sulhyun said, "It still feels unreal that I would appear on the movie screen. It is quite different from performing on stage." In related news, actress Sulhyun played actor Lee Min Ho's partner in 'Kangnam 1970.' 'Kangnam 1970' is a debut film for both actress Sulhyun and actor Lee Min Ho. It is an action noir movie based on the realities of Kangnam, a district of Seoul, in the 1970s. It tells a story of the development of Seoul in the 1970s, and will premiere on January 21, 2015, in Korea.

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