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Suzy Bae And Park Yoochun Considering Supernatural Drama

BY Julie Jones | Jan 20, 2015 10:24 AM EST


Two of the more popular idol actors, miss A's Suzy Bae and JYJ's Park Yoochun may team up to star in a new supernatural drama.

Park Yoochun recently appeared in the 2014 political thriller "Three Days." But Suzy has not been seen on the small screen since she played Dam Yeo Wol, a girl who loves a mythological creature, in the 2013 supernatural historical drama "Gu Family Book."

The actors may team up for the drama tentatively titled "Girl Who Can See Smell." Both actors have previously done well in supernatural dramas.

If he takes the role, the drama will reunite Park Yoochun with a writer and director responsible for the time travel fantasy "Rooftop Prince." In that drama he played a Joseon-era prince who is transported into the present day because that is the only way he can solve a crime in his own time.

Director Shin Yoon Sub and writer Lee Hee Myung, who both worked on "Rooftop Prince," will direct and have written the script for the new drama. Lee Hee Myung also wrote the script for the popular drama "Yawang," which starred Soo Ae and Kwon Sang Woo.

According to their agencies, Suzy Bae and Park Yoochun are both currently reviewing the script.

The story of "Girl Who Can See Smell" focuses on the after-effects of an unsolved murder, the Barcode Murder Case. The character that Park Yoochun is considering playing lost his younger sister in that murder. Because it was not solved, he has not experienced closure. The violent death of his sister prompted him to become a police officer so that he could solve crimes. But the traumatic incident also closed him off emotionally.

The character Suzy Bae is considering was also involved in the same murder case but unlike Park Yoochun's sister she miraculously survived. As a result of the incident, she lost her memory. She can't remember much about what happened but she has somehow acquired supernatural abilities. One of her truly unique abilities is being able to see smells.

The drama is an adaptation of a webtoon. The characters will work together to restore her memories of the incident and thereby solve the murder case that haunts them both.

"The Girl Who Can See Smell" is set to premiere in April after the end of "Jekyll, Hyde, Me" with Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min.

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