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'What's WIth this Family' Yoon Park, A Trustworthy First Born Sun

BY C Han | Jan 22, 2015 08:40 PM EST


Yoon Park is attracting the attention of viewers both in his personal life as well as in the drama.

Yoon Park is playing the role of "Cha Kang Jae" in the drama KBS "What's With this Family." He is the firstborn child and an expert doctor, as he shows many virtuous sides.  In his personal life, he is also reflecting similar great sides of being a good son, brother, and husband as he is attracting the attention of viewers.

In the drama, Cha Kang Jae is transforming from a person who used to be a bit standoffish and chic to a person who is caring about his family.  In the earlier stages of the drama, the character of Cha Kang Jae (played by Yoon Park) was one that did not care about his family.  Such led to his father initiating a lawsuit against his children.

Nonetheless, as Cha Soon Bong (played by Yoo Dong Geun)'s illness worsened, there was no one other than his son who was his full-time support.  Cha Soon Bong also took on the responsibility to attempt new methods to treat his father's illness and showed a very dependable side to him.

Viewers are increasingly interested in his mirror image in real life and in the drama as the plot progresses.

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