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Were Park Shin Hye And Kang So Ra Fated To Be Friends?

BY Julie Jones | Jan 27, 2015 10:09 AM EST


Park Shin Hye is a very friendly actress. Among her close male friends she counts Super Junior's Kim Heechul, F.T. Island's Lee Hongki, Jang Geun Suk and Beast's Yong Jun Hyung. Her closest female friend is Lee Eun Song, the actress who married k-pop icon Seo Taiji. They have been friends for a decade.

But lately, she says, she has been exchanging friendly texts with fellow actress Kang So Ra.

The two actresses have a lot in common, Park Shin Hye recently told Kuki News. For a start, they are both successful 20-something k-drama actresses. Kang recently starred in two hit k-dramas, "Misaeng" and "Doctor Stranger."

But they have more in common than just that.

"I saw a report that we were born on the same day in the same month in the same year and that we were the same blood type," said Park, who recently starred in "Pinocchio," a drama about a woman who cannot tell a lie. "I was really surprised."

For the record the birthday Park Shin Hye and Kang So Ra share is coming up. They were both born on February 18, 1990.

"My college junior, actor Choi Tae Joon filmed SBS's 'Ugly Alert with Kang So Ra so I met her once at a broadcasting station. It was fascinating that the two of us shared the same birth date and blood type."

That's not the only actor they both know.

Kang So Ra played the second female lead in "Doctor Stranger." She was one of two women in love with Lee Jong Suk's character. Park Shin Hye played the woman in love with Lee Jong Suk's character in "Pinocchio."

And they kept running into each other. They were perhaps fated to be friends.

"I ran into her at a premiere yesterday, and recently ran into her by chance at an award ceremony," said Park.

But that does not mean they get to spend much time together. Busy acting schedules not only make it hard for celebrities to date, but can also make it hard to spend time with friends.

"We both said we should hang out together, but we haven't had much time in our schedules yet. "We promised to meet up after we finish our obligations."

For now they like to text each other.

"We're friends on KakaoTalk. So when So Ra was filming 'Misaeng,' she messaged me, 'I need to drive a truck now,' and 'Come here to eat chicken.' She has a really nice personality and is an easygoing friend."

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