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'Healer' Ji Chang Wook Falls Into Trap

BY C Han | Feb 11, 2015 06:19 PM EST

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In "Healer" Ji Chang Wook fell into a trap.

On the 19th episode of KBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Healer" broadcast on Feb. 9th, Moon Ho (played by Yoo Ji Tae) got kidnapped.  Therefore, Jung Hoo (played by Ji Chang Wook) had to act as the healer again.

Jung Hoo saw the situation in which Moon Hoo was kidnapped.  Then, he started to contact Min Ja (played by Kim Mi Kyung) and followed Moon Ho.  Nonetheless, Young Shin (played by Park Min Young) was left alone and next to her appeared Secretary Oh.  Young Shin was also kidnapped.

Jung Hoo started to track Moon Ho's cell phone.  Nonetheless, he ended up returning to Someday News after falling for the lies of the opponents.  In Some Day news, Moon Ho's cell phone had been placed.

With this, their faces were all identified to the enemies.  While Moon Ho was caught as a hostage, the only thing that they could do was to look for information about Russia like the enemies had said.  Jung Hoo ended up being able to find information about Russia at Young Shin's seat.

In addition, as Jung Hoo refused to grant the enemy's wishes and wanted to leave, they released the media footage of Young Shin's kidnapping.  With this release, Jung Hoo was confused.

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