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Kim Woo Bin's 'Twenty' Announces Release Date, Distributes Main Trailer

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 24, 2015 06:12 PM EST


On February 23, the coming-of-age film “Twenty” announced its release date for theaters in Korea. The highly anticipated comedy will make its premier on March 25.

“Twenty” examines the lives of young men who are transitioning from their high-school lives into adulthood.

Kim Woo Bin leads the star-studded cast as Chi Ho, an aimless man who cherishes his free spirited lifestyle. “Twenty” follows his portrayal of Ji Hyeok in the 2014 heist film, “The Technicians (The Con Artists).” In “Twenty,” he reunites with his co-star of “The Heirs,” Kang Ha Neul.

Kang Ha Neul portrays the most uptight member of the trio, Gyung Jae. Gyung Jae is an aspiring corporate office worker who maintains a relentless study schedule. While he is generally studious, his wild side is released when he drinks.

“Twenty” marks the film return of 2PM's Junho, who received accolades as Detective Squirrel in the 2013 surveillance crime procedural film “Cold Eyes.” He portrays Dong Goo, an aspiring student whose life is ruled by his desire to take the college entrance exam.

Jung So Min (Playful Kiss, Big Man) portrays So Min.

Min Hyo Rin, who is currently leading the cast of the tvN musical drama “Sing Again, Gu Hae Ra” is included in the cast of “Twenty” as Jin Joo.

The film follows the ragtag team of twenty somethings through their raunchy antics. In the main trailer released on February 23, the stars playfully flit from one scene to another.

 Its absurd humor, violence and sexual gags earned “Twenty” a 15+ rating.

“Twenty” will premier in theaters throughout Korea on March 25.

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