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Six Beautiful Actresses That Looked Bad For K-Drama Roles

BY Julie Jones | Mar 02, 2015 11:56 AM EST


Some k-drama actresses are so beautiful that it's really hard for them to look bad. But they have to try for some of the roles they play. And sometimes the "bad" is not very convincing.

For example, Kim Sun Ah was supposed to be overweight when she played the pastry chef in "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon." But she just looked curvy and Hyun Bin found her as appealing as a sugary puff pastry.

Here are a six more times k-drama actresses worked hard to look bad.

1.     Yoon Eun Hye in "Coffee Prince." Yoon Eun Hye still looks appealing when she plays a boy, so much so that Gong Yoo still manages to fall in love with her. But when she tries to pretty herself up for an event that she will attend with Lee Sun Kyun, she looks like a garish clown. Cute but clownish.

2.     Ghosts tortured Gong Hyo Jin at the beginning of "The Master's Sun." She didn't sleep and had rings around her eyes. Conferences with ghosts left her no time to comb her hair. She walked around in a nightgown, but she still managed to make So Ji Sub fall for her.

3.     And "The Master's Sun" is not the only drama in which an actress looked sleep deprived. Kim Seul Gi played an overworked webtoon editor in "Flower Boys Next Door." The normally cute comedienne Kim had crazy hair and under-eye mascara rings so deep a raccoon would be jealous.

4.     Son Ye Jin had a unique style in "Personal Taste" that was not exactly flattering. Fortunately her roommate, played by Lee Min Ho, took her in hand and helped improve her wardrobe and general outlook on life. By the drama's end her unique and quirky style was polished enough to show off her best assets.

5.     IU packed on fake pounds for her role as a wanna-be singer in "Dream High" and she frizzed up her normally silken hair. She did not exactly look sophisticated for her role in "Pretty Man" either. But then that is dedication for you. It takes a lot to frump up her delicate good looks.

6.     Lee Ha Na should also get credit for her role in "King Of High School Savvy." She played an administrative assistant who often still managed to dress like she was the least popular girl in middle school. And it was not just about her choice of wardrobe. Her character was also socially awkward and immature. Hopefully her wardrobe in the drama "Unkind Ladies" and in the 2015 film "The Journalist" will be an improvement.

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