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[Spoiler] “Level 7 Civil Servant” Han Gil Ro Confessed to Kim Seo Won With a Paper-cup Phone.

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 31, 2013 04:32 PM EST


Han Gil Ro Opens Up To Kim Seo Won.

On the 4th episode of the drama aired on January 31st, Han Gil Ro told Kim Seo Won how he feels about her.

Han Gil Ro call Kim Seo Won out to the balcony of their room at the NIS. His rooms is above hers so that is why he used paper-cup phone.

He said, “I didn’t finish telling you about the story I was saying before.” Kim Seo Won says she is cold and she will hang up.

However Han Gil Ro continued, “ I've met a lot of women through the blind dates my parents set up for me. I always ignored them and acted consisted and rude to them, so they always left. I thought that the woman who put up with that and didn’t leave will be the woman I like.”

“And you there you were. You didn’t leave, so I hated you. A woman this stubborn was my type?”

Kim Seo Won said, “But you don't care about me being stubborn?”

He said, “You are right. My ideal type is a stubborn woman who is full of student loans. I like that type of girl.”

Kim Seo Won was taken aback and went back to her room, leaving Han Gil Ro there.

In related news, “Level 7 Civil Servant” came number on in rating with 15.9%.

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