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Park Shi Hoo's Ideal Type Is Someone Who Is Cute Rather Than Sexy and Innocent

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 03, 2013 04:19 PM EST


Park Shi Hoo recently revealed his ideal type of woman and sparked the interest of netizens.

He appeared in the SBS program "One Night TV Entertainment" on January 30th.

He talked about the type of woman he likes and said, "I'm usually on the shy side, so I like someone who is outgoing."

He was asked if he looks at physical appearance and he said, "why wouldn't I? Height is not really important. Rather than a sexy and innocent style, I like someone who is cute."

He also said, "if I date someone, I usually date them for a long time. The longest I've dated is four years."

Netizens commented, "so that's the type he likes," "it's so far from me," "I hope you meet someone like that."

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