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Ji Chang Wook Has More Than One Million Followers On Weibo

BY Adrienne Stanley | Mar 07, 2015 06:43 PM EST


Actor Ji Chang Wook is a steady course to becoming one of the hottest new stars in China. His Weibo account has skyrocketed in activity, since the success of his action-packed investigative journalism show, “Healer.” His popularity beyond Korea has been substantiated by his surge in Weibo followers which has exceeded 1 million users.

At the time of publication, he accrued 1,068,509 followers on Weibo.

The 27-year-old star opened his Weibo account on January 18 to promote “Healer” but has continued to actively engage with Chinese speaking audiences through the social media tool. Through his active use of Weibo and the increased interest in his career, the actor became one of the most searched Hallyu stars on the Sina microblogging site.

"Healer" concluded on February 10 but the show has continued to maintain momentum with K-Drama fans. Interest in the rising star has been fueled by his media blitz which included several post-production photo shoots and interviews. 

He has yet to announce his next project but is currently starring in the Korean musical, “The Days.” “Healer” has served as the breakout role for Ji Chang Wook with audiences anticipating his next drama or film project.

Weibo is heavily utilized by the most prominent stars in Korean entertainment. Lee Min Ho has the most followers on Weibo, with 26,780,572 fans. Other prominent Korean stars with significant Weibo followings include Jang Geun Suk with more than 18 million fans, Lee Joong Gi who has more than 16 million Weibo fans, and Kim Soo Hyun with more than 9 million followers.

Although, Weibo is targeted for Chinese speaking audiences, international fans can access Weibo through mobile devices and their PCs. English speakers may benefit from Surround App, which aids in the Weibo registration process and helps to translate messages which are written in standard or simplified Chinese.

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