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Yoona Defends Herself From Rumors About Being A Very Wealthy Person

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 06, 2013 08:41 AM EST


On February 5th, Yoona talked about the rumors of her being a very wealthy person on SBS "Strong Heart."

Boom prepared a corner that was "Everything about Girls' Generation."

Boom said, "I was shocked when I heard that Girls' Generation is exceptionally wealthy. It said that Yoon Ah earns about four million every six months."

Yoona said, "I also saw that article. It's not true though. That means that I earn eight million a year, that doesn't make sense. I just looked passed it. But some upsetting events happened."

The nine members of Girls' Generation, Gong Hyung Jin, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Young Chul, No Hyun Hee, and Choi Song Hyun appeared on this episode, that was the last episode of the show. A new revamped "Strong Heart 2" will soon air with new MCs and format.

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