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Kim Woo Bin Is A Dashing Swordsman For Sieg Fahrenheit

BY Adrienne Stanley | Mar 12, 2015 10:24 PM EDT


Few Korean actors possess the animal magnetism of Kim Woo Bin. He easily channels the disconcerting charisma of the “Gossip Girl” character Chuck Bass and could undoubtedly be in the running for Christian, if Korea decided to remake “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Sieg Fahrenheit seems to understand his untamed spirit and captures the feral nature of his personality in the pictorials for their 2015 Spring/Summer line.

While he embraces the carefree spirit of a 20-year-old vagabond in “Twenty,” he is a commanding, businessman for Sieg Fahrenheit.

Fencing is very European. It is an Ivy League sport but the pictoral puts a fresh spin on the competitive spirit of sword fighting, as he spars with himself. His effortless execution of poses throughout the photo shoot provide realism beyond the cliche of "Three Musketeers" which could be derived from the ad campaign.

In the photos, he approaches his persona of Choi Young Do from “The Heirs.” As the shots unfold, it becomes apparent that the actor, who was once an aspiring model, is only becoming more attractive as he ages.

Kim Woo Bin leads the cast of the soon-to-be release film, "Twenty." In the coming-of-age film, he portrays a party animal that is reminiscent of a carefree American fratboy. Kang Ha Neul delivers his almost stereotypical role of the dedicated student but "Twenty" provided him with the opportunity to ad-lib.

While "The Heirs" actors are a major draw for the film, 2PM's Junho makes him film return, following the success of "Cold Eyes."

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