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Lee Min Ho Turns Up The Heat For Guess Spring/Summer 2015

BY Adrienne Stanley | Mar 13, 2015 06:17 PM EDT


Lee Min Ho is the center of attention in behind-the-scenes footage for 2015 Spring/Summer Guess Korea. The video focuses on the Hallyu star, as he models in a variety of poses. He brings his masculine spirit to the denim shoot and demonstrates his star power.

The video incorporates attractive closeups of the attention-grabbing denim styles including stonewash and patterned textiles. He tries on an array of casual looks throughout the ad, showing off his versatility and sly charm. He reflects a heightened sense of maturity in scenes where he is wearing a leather jacket.

As he segues from one look to another, it is easy to see why he has ecrued so many endorsement opportunities.

His recognizable face is the highlight of the photo shoot and a great part of his appeal. The actor recently shared a photo on his social media, where he was able to stroll through the streets of Paris, unimpeded by fans. He undoubtedly craves privacy but his gigantic fanbase contribute to his success with modeling opportunities.

The 27-year-old star has successfully racked up numerous endorsements including his recent appearances for Samsonite. He is currently in London shooting for the travel accessory company, who released a photo of the actor with their latest purse, for White Day.

His versatility, which is reflected during his endorsement shoots, has led to his popularity. While his most popular roles have been high-school heirs, he continues to embrace more mature characters. During a recent interview with The Fact, the actor revealed the criteria he uses when selecting new roles. In the interview, he stated,"I base my choice solely on whether it suits my age and if I can do it well." 

Lee Min Ho is currently taking a break from Korean drama to shoot endorsements and promote his film, "Gangnam 1970."

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