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“Level 7 Civil Servant” Han Girlo Surprises Kim Seo Won with Cooking Skills.

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 07, 2013 03:14 PM EST


Han Girlo cooks for Kim Seo Won as they finally reunite after one year.

On episode 6 aired on February 7th, Han Girlo sees Kim Seo Won for the first time and decided to follow her.

The two end up going to the 3D movie theater, and after Han Gilro let Kim Seo Won he still likes her, they go to Kim Seo Won's house.

At the house, Kim Seo Won prepares to make ramyon, but Han Gilro tells her he will cook for her. He puts on a cute pink apron and starts to prepare a delicious meal, and he shows his cute, handsome and manly side.

At the end, Han Gilro apologizes to Kim Seo Won for not aleays doubting her; however, Kim Seo Won feels guilty because she is actually lying to him due to a mission.

Meanwhile, “Level 7 Civil Servant” recorded 16% of ratings, being first in that tome slot followed by Joo Won Ji and 'The Great Seer.” the next episode will air on February 13th on MBC at 9:55PM (KST)

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