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A Blast From The Past, Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo During Their College Days

By Staff Writer | Feb 10, 2013 12:00 PM EST


An old photo of actors Ha Jung Woo and Hyun Bin during a Chung-Ang University trip, was recently uploaded online and sparked a great deal of interest from netizens.

Actor Ha Jung Woo appeared on KBS 2TV "Entertainment Weekly" on February 9th. When he was shown an old picture of him and junior actor Hyun Bin during a trip they took during their college years, he was extremely embarrassed.

During that time, Hyun Bin was a freshman and Ha Jung Woo was the president of the student organization.

After seeing the picture of them that was taken in 2001, Ha Jung Woo said, "my hair style was what many African Americans did back then. The half clear sunglasses was a huge trend back then," and began to laugh from embarrassment.

Ha Jung Woo continued to say, "I really remember that still now. Back in the 90s, hip hop was a big trend, my pants were even hip hop style. Hyun Bin acted like a real freshman. He was cool and different. The person in the back is a friend named Choi Dae Hoon, who is now a famous theatrical actor. I hope that this isn't edited out and goes on air," and began to laugh again.

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