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Jung Hyun Don's Parody Of Song Joong Ki's Photo Shoot, "I have no problem showing some skin"

By Staff Writer | Feb 10, 2013 12:14 PM EST


Entertainer Jung Hyung Don recently copied a photo shoot in which actor Song Joong Ki showed off a bit of skin. Jung Hyung Don revealed that he wasn't burdened when taking this picture.

Jung Hyung Don appeared on the MBC program "Quiz That Changed The World" on February 9th and revealed a picture he took while he was active as a singer in the group Hyung Don and Dae Joon.

This picture was taken to make parody of the photo shoot that actor Song Joong Ki took part in.

Jung Hyung Don spoke about the Song Joong Ki parody picture and said, "it was a mission on a program. I actually wasn't burdened when I had to take that kind of picture showing partial nudity."

Jung Hyung Don continued to say, "I didn't take off my clothes because my body is good, I just don't have a problem with showing some skin."

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