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Jo In Sung and Seo Hyo Rim's Risky Bed Scene on "That Winter, The Wind Blows"

By Staff Writer | Feb 14, 2013 08:41 AM EST


Actor Jo In Sung recently had a risky bed scene with actress Seo Hyo Rim. 

On the episode of the new SBS drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows" that aired on February 13th, Oh Soo(Jo In Sung) and Kim So Ra(Seo Hyo Rim), who is an actress sponsored by president Kim at the age of 16, had a bed scene in the drama.

Oh Soo and Jin So Ra were laying next to each other on the bed but the mood seemed to be rather cold.

Oh Soo spoke through narration and said, "is there something wrong with what I am saying? Can't we just live like this? Is it absolutely necessary for someone to have a solid reason to live?"

Jin So Ra said, "how can someone just live their life without having some type of meaning and purpose? How is your family by the way?"

Oh Soo, who was abandoned by his mother just responded with a laugh.

Jin So Ra said, "you're going to abandon me at some point down the road." Oh Soo replied to her, "they say that what you say really happens eventually."

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