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Lee Da Hae Sends Her Thanks For Viewers Supporting "IRIS 2"

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 14, 2013 08:45 AM EST


Actress Lee Da Hae speaks of the first episode of KBS 2TV's new Wednesday and Thursday drama "IRIS 2" that recently was aired this Wednesday, February 13th.

Lee Da Hae uploaded two pictures of herself onto her Twitter on February 14th. She also wrote, "this was taken during the filming that took place is Hungary. Another was taken in Akita. On today's episode, the Hungary person must come out. I hope that you will have fun watching the second episode, and I hope that you will continue to support the second episode! Thank you! I will work hard."

In the pictures that she uploaded, she was standing and posing with the country of Hungary in the background.

In another picture that she revealed, she was seen filming closely with the actor Jang Hyuk in Akita. It seemed to be a cute scene where they were building a mini snow man on top of a tiny igloo.

The first episode of "IRIS 2" that was broadcasted on February 13th, made a mark with a significant 14.4% viewer rating. They are currently in first place in the Wednesday and Thursday dramas.

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