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Will Joo Sang Wook And Kim Sun Ah Fight Crime Together?

BY Julie Jones | Mar 26, 2015 01:34 PM EDT


Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah are both considering roles in the upcoming drama "Masked Investigator. Their characters are both passionate about seeking justice but they find very different ways to achieve it. And one of them will wear a costume to do so.

Joo Sang Wook plays Ha Dae Chul, an ambitious prosecutor. Ha Dae Chul follows the letter of the law during office hours but wears a disguise to fight crime when it requires more than an ordinary legal intervention. Ha lives this convoluted double life because he is frustrated by how many criminals slip through the grasp of the law. What his disguise is and whether he will have any superpowers or Batman-style toys has not yet been revealed. Is it a mask or a head-to-toe costume? Will there be a cape? Will he have crime-fighting gizmos? There's no word yet on whether "Masked Investigator" will be a comedy or a melodrama although the idea of anyone fighting crime in a cape is pretty funny.

Jo Sang Wook's last two roles were comic. He last played a plastic surgeon in "Birth of a Beauty" with co-star Han Ye Seul. Before that he played a successful divorced businessman in "Cunning Single Lady." His co-star was Lee Min Jung.

If she does decide to take the role Kim Sun Ah will play Yoo Min Hee, the chief of a detective squad in the major crimes unit. Yoo Min Hee is equally passionate about catching the bad guys but she prefers to apprehend them during working hours. There are no capes and masks in her closet.

The part could be considered a comeback role for Kim Sun Ah who has not appeared in a k-drama since she played the pregnant shoe executive in the 2012 drama "I Do, I Do." The 39-year-old actress did appear in "Competition of Roses," a Chinese drama in 2013 and she played a woman driven to revenge in the film "The Five." She is best known for her role in "Scent of a Woman" and portraying the pastry chef who beds Hyun Bin in the classic k-drama "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon."

Jeon San, who directed "Ruby Ring," will direct "Masked Investigator. " Choi Jin Won, who wrote the melodrama "Big Man," will write the screenplay. The Wednesday-Thursday drama is expected to air in May.

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