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[SPOILER] “Level 7 Civil Servant” Love Triangle Between Han Gil Ro, Kim Seo Won and Gon Do Ha Has Formed

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 14, 2013 05:03 PM EST


.The drama's love triangle is officially formed.

On the 7th episode aired on February 13th, Han Gil Ro and Gon Do Ha confront each other for Kim Seo Won's love.

On the previous episode, Gon Do Ha was hidden in the close on Kim Seo Won's house because Han Gil Ro unexpectedly showed up in her house. Han Gil Ro couldn’t know that Gon Do Ha was at the house because, they are in a secret mission and Han Gil Ro thinks Seo Won left the NIS. However, Gon Do Ha fall off from the closet and was discovered.

On the 7th episode, Han Gil Ro confronts Gon Do Ha outside of Kim Seo Won's house and asked him why was he there, hGon Do Ha answered that Kim Seo Won is his friend and they visited each other often, but he didn’t want Han Gil Ro to see him there and told him that he likes Kim Seo Won.

After Han Gil Ro heard that, he started fighting with Gon Do Ha who had a gun, they come to a stop and Gon Do Ha said, “We have been friends and today she told me that she likes you.” Han Gil Ro said to not make him laugh and Gon Do Ha said, “yea, I didn’t think she liked someone like you.” and he left.

On this day, the drama came at second in viewers ratings with 12.8% despite the hard competition they had by other dramas premiering that day.

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