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Fashion Magazine Cites Krystal And Jessica Jung As An International Fashion Influence

BY Julie Jones | Apr 01, 2015 10:39 AM EDT


A fashion magazine created by the international retail clothing company H&M has cited Krystal and Jessica Jung as an international fashion influence. The company, which has stores in 55 countries wrote about Korean fashion in its Spring 2015 issue, saying that Korean trendsetters "influence the way people look, shop and live all over the world."

The article featured k-drama and k-pop celebrities such as BigBang's G-Dragon, 2NE1's CL, model Soo Joo Park, f(x) singer and "My Lovely Girl" actress Krystal Jung and her sister, former Girls Generation member and now Blance & Eclare fashion brand founder Jessica Jung.

The article titled A Seoul Set talked about the fact that these stars are courted by designers such as Chanel to appear on the front rows of fashion shows. The article quoted Soo Young Cho, CEO of the fashion consultancy company "The Bread and Butter" on Krystal's fashion appeal.

"Krystal has an eye for wearable fashion," she said in the article. "She looks great in her clothes, even if she's just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

The article also called Jessica Jung the k-pop version of Miranda Kerr and said that her girl-next-door style has made her a darling of the fashion paparazzi.

Increasingly international designers are recruiting K-drama stars and k-pop celebrities to attract attention to their fashion shows.

Jun Ji Hyun took part in the Autumn/Winter 2013 Christian Dior Haute Couture Fashion Show. She was the first Korean celebrity to be invited to the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fashion Show.

Girls Generation's Tiffany and Sooyoung attended New York's Fashion Week in February 2015. And Hyuna, CL and TTS attended the fashion week in the previous fall.

And the clothes worn at k-pop concerts and in dramas also inspire fashion and beauty trends. A shade of lipstick whether it is worn by Jun Ji Hyun in "You Who Came From The Stars" of actor Ji Sung playing a female personality in "Kill Me, Heal Me," can sell out before the drama ends.

According to Arirang TV, several of 2014's popular fashion trends in Korea and abroad were inspired by the styles actresses wore in k-dramas.

When Jun Ji Hyun appeared in "You Who Came From The Stars" she popularized oversized coats, particularly checked ones, and her signature sunglasses. When Yoona appared in "The Prime Minister and I," she popularized shirts and dresses with oversized neck bows.

And IU's quirky fun look in "Pretty Man" inspired a love of corsage necklaces and loose-fitting fuzzy sweaters.

As Korean dramas and k-pop expand their influence worldwide, it's only natural that the effect on a fashion will be felt.

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