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Jung Joon Young Of ‘The Lover’ Says The Noona Romance Is Impossible

BY Julie Jones | Apr 01, 2015 12:57 PM EDT


There's good news for viewers who enjoy a noona romance, that is one in which the female lead is considerably older than her leading man. 'The Lover,' which begins on April 2, may be just the guilty pleasure you've been waiting for.

However, Jung Joon Young, who plays the younger man, says such a real-life romance is impossible.

"The Lover" is a drama about four couples living in one apartment complex and one of the couples is mismatched in age. The woman, played by Choi Yeo Jin, is 12 years older than her man, played by singer and actor Jung.

That man is a wanna-be musician, who can't even play the guitar, so she supports him in the hope that he will one day realize his dream. They've lived together for a year but fight all the time, usually about money. But even though it's a difficult situation, they are crazy about each other.

Choi Yeo Jin, 31, is not really 12 years older than her co-star, Jung Joon Young, who is 26. But she does have a longer resume as an actress.

Choi was last seen playing Um Tae Woong's paralyzed sister in "Valid Love" and before that appeared as Lee Pil Mo's former lover in "Emergency Couple."

Singer and Superstar K winner Jung Joon Young has only had k-drama cameo roles, notably in "Fated To Love You" and "Monstar," although he can be seen this year in the film "Love Forecast." In that film his character also seduced an older woman, played by Moon Chae Won. So, he does have specific experience in the noona romance.

At a press conference for the drama, the actors discussed the characters' age difference. Jung Joon Young thought that in real life, the drama's couple would not be able to make it. And not because he had a problem with the age difference.

"A 12-year-age gap? That's impossible," he said. "She wouldn't even date a man like me. We had fun because of the age gap."

Choi had nothing but praise for her younger co-star.

"It's fun working with Jung Joon Young," she said. "There's no end to the laughter. I like that he is so unique."

The drama also stars Oh Jung Se, who appeared in "Nine Plus Boys" and Ryu Hyun Kyung of "Tasty Life: as a 30-something couple.  Lee Jae Joon of "Dating Agency Cyrano" plays a man who has to get a roommate but does not really want to interact with one. Japanese actor and singer Takuya Terada plays his roommate.

Hae Eun Seol of "Yoona's Street" and model Park Jong Hwan make up the final couple.

Kim Tae Eun III will direct the drama. Kim Min Suk II is the screenwriter.

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