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4 K-Drama and K-Pop Inspired Ways To Celebrate April Fools’ Day

BY Adrienne Stanley | Apr 01, 2015 04:26 PM EDT


April 1 marks one of the most humorous and dreaded holidays, April Fools’ Day. April Fools’ Day brings out the mischievous personalities of people who are normally not jokesters. that will startle K-Pop fans. Some K-Drama stars are notorious for their pranks, while several K-pop figures including YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk have received attention for their routine trolling of fans. Here are 5 ways that you deliver April Fools’ Day pranks to K-Drama and K-pop fans.

1. Test out the first video game from DramaFever, ‘Kiss Quest: The Search for Oppa.’  

DramaFever tested the will of K-Drama fans in 2014 with their April Fools’ Day announcement that all subtitles would be replaced by emoji. Their prank for 2015 is the elaborate and brilliant game, “Kiss Quest: The Search for Oppa.”

DramaFever delivered the first look at their mock up of the game on April 1, proving that the April Fools’ Day can present insightful perspectives on K-Drama tropes.

2. Tell Big Bang fans that the comeback announcement was just a joke. Be prepared for the fallout.

False comeback announcements and idol group breakups are often incorporated in mock coverage. Audiences were cautious to accept the comeback announcement delivered by YG Entertainment for Big Bang, with many initially assuming it was a joke. Their skepticism was equally fueled by an Instagram photo posted by G-Dragon, which prominently featured his freshly shorn hair. Fans of the group could not figure out whether he was enlisting in the military or preparing for Big Bang’s return to K-pop. Fortunately, their 2015 comeback announcement was not part of an elaborate joke.

 3. Convince a fan of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk that they are dating.

There are several mock-ups of what appear to be photos from celebrity sites like Dispatch which feature Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk in couples poses. Capitalize on these photos to convince someone that they have decided to start dating.

4. Follow the lead of JYJ’s Junsu and convince someone that their favorite idol is getting married.

Junsu of the K-pop trio JYJ startled fans with his April Fools’ Day marriage announcement. He pretended to deliver marriage news through his Twitter post. He kicked off the statement with, “It might be something sudden. But I am getting married.” Thankfully, the link which was marked as the lead-in to a wedding invitation, delivered his fans to an April Fools’ display on Naver.

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