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In 'My Unfortunate Boyfriend' Honesty Could Break Up The Relationship

BY Julie Jones | Apr 06, 2015 02:18 PM EDT


Yang Jin Sun’s last onscreen boyfriend was Lee Hong Ki. The actress and F.T. Island singer appeared together in the double identity drama “Bride of the Century.” In her next drama, “My Unfortunate Boyfriend,” her boyfriend will be singer and actor No Min Woo, last seen in “The Greatest Marriage” and “God’s Gift – 14 Days.”

They will play characters with a different sense of the importance of honesty.

Yang plays career woman Yoo Jin Na, who falls for a sweet naïve guy named Yoon Tae Woon, played by No Min Woo. While Yoon Tae Woon has a lot going for him, he has some qualities that make him a career liability. And Yoo considers her career to be a priority. It sounds like a spin on the classic k-drama dating problem, namely that the hero needs to make an impression and the girl is just not up to his (or his family’s) standards.

One of the problems that Yoon Tae Woon has when interacting with the corporate world is that he’s honest to a fault. Yoo Jin Na wants to succeed in a world where honesty is not valued too highly. She’s prepared to lie when she has to.

The drama’s teasers don’t give much away except that Yoon Tae Won seems to be sweet and boyish. He does not seem like the kind of guy you might ask to accompany you to a company dinner. Not if you want to climb the corporate ladder.

Will Yoon Tae Woon become more mature and a man that Yoo Jin Na can be proud of? Or will Yoo Jin Na decide that love is much more important than the impression she’s required to make in the corporate rat race?

Something will have to give for their relationship to survive.

“My Unfortunate Boyfriend” also stars former Supernova member Jung Yoon Hak, whose previous acting credits include the 2014 Japanese film “Ichijiku No Mori” and the 2011 k-drama “Sign.” Kwak Ji Min, last seen in the drama “Shining Romance,” plays the second female lead.

The drama also stars Kim Eun Jung and Kim Byung Se.

You can check out one of the teasers below. “My Unfortunate Boyfriend" is expected to air on April 10.

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