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‘Gangnam 1970’ And 'Fatal' Will Screen During The Korean Movie Night Emerging Talent Series

BY Adrienne Stanley | Apr 08, 2015 01:38 PM EDT


“Gangnam 1970,” also known as “Gangnam Blues” will premier for audiences in New York City on May 7 as part of the Emerging Talent series in the on-going Korean Movie Night program. “Gangnam 1970” was a commercial success and marked the film debut of Lee Min Ho. The film centers on corruption which emerges from the development of Gangnam during the 1970s.

Korean Movie Night New York is co-presented by the Korean Cultural Service of New York and Asia Society. The Emerging Talent series will feature 5 films which highlighted some of Korea’s most talented actors and directors.

The series kicks off on Tuesday, April 14 with the North American premiere of “The King of Jokgu.” “The King of Jokgu” is a rip roaring comedy which stars Ahn Jae Hong, Hwang Seung Un and Jung Woo Sik. Ahn Jae Hong portrays Hong Man Sub, a 24-year-old college student who is not successful with women. He haplessly falls in love with the most popular girl at his college and hijinx ensue.

The next film in the series is the 2013 film “10 Minutes,” which will make its East Coast premier on April 28. Baek Jong Hwan stars as Ho Chan, a college who dreams of becoming a television producer. “10 Minutes” marked the directorial debut for Lee Yong Seung. The movie provides an analytical perspective on Korean corporate culture.

“Gangnam 1970” will screen on May 7 and will be followed by the 2012 film “Fatal” on May 13. “Fatal” focuses on the fragile relationship between Jang Mi, a young rape victim and Sung Gong, one of the assailants. A chance encounter reunites them. Sung Gong is distraught when he realizes that Jang Mi is still dealing with trauma from the incident. He attempts to redeem himself by befriending her. “Fatal” stars Nam Yeon Woo, Yang Jo A, Hong Jeong Ho and Kang Ki Doong. The film was created with a budget of $3,000 USD and marked the directorial debut of Lee Don Ku.

The Emerging Talent series will conclude on May 27 with Park Jung Bum’s Alive.” “Alive” is a 2014 film which was the follow up to the neorealist drama “The Journals of Musan.” The film stars Lee Seung Yeon, Park Jung Bum and Park Myeong Hoon.

All screenings for the Emerging Talent series will be held at Asia Society. Admission is free and is first-come, first-served. Additional details about Korean Movie Night New York can be found at the websites for Korean Cultural Service New York and Asia Society

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