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Five Fun Facts About Jung Kyung Ho

BY Julie Jones | Apr 13, 2015 01:20 PM EDT


Jung Kyung Ho plays a heartless man who gets a second chance at life after receiving a heart transplant in "Falling for Innocence," also known as "Falling for Soon Jung." In 2014 he appeared in the weekend drama "Endless Love" and also appeared in the 2013 film "Fasten Your Seatbelt" and the 2014 film "Manhole."

How much do you know about this talented actor?

Here are five facts.

1.     He has a famous father. His father is Jung Eul Young, a KBS producer and the director of the dramas "Mom's Dead Upset" and "My Man's Woman." You might think this would make it easier to break into drama acting but Jung Kyung Ho's desire to act caused a rift between father and son. They did not speak for almost four years after Jung Kyung Ho decided to major in acting, but eventually they made up.

2.     He has a famous girlfriend. Jung Kyung Ho has dated actress and Girls Generation member Choi Soo Young. They are alumni of the same university and attend the same church. They were photographed on a date together early in 2014 and shortly after that went public with their relationship. While he won't discuss their relationship, he smiles whenever her name is mentioned.

3.     He's close to actor Ha Jung Woo, who cast him in "Fasten Your Seatbelt." The two met when they both attended Joong Ang University and were roommates during their first year there. Ha Jung Woo also has a famous father actor Kim Yong Gun and it was watching Ha perform that made Jung Kyung Ho decide to act.

4.     Ha Jung Woo is not his only actor friend. Before entering the military he had drinks with Ha Jung Woo, "Empress Ki" star Ji Jin Hee and "Coffee Prince" star Gong Yoo. They shared their experience of being active duty soldiers. He finished his military duty in 2012.

5.     He may have a lot of actor friends because by his own admission he is not very competitive with other actors.

"I can't do that because I'm sort of timid," Jung said in an interview with TenAsia. "If they are mad, I try to cheer them up. When I was shooting 'Time Between Dog and Wolf,' director Kim Jin Min was worried that actor Lee Jun Ki and I would be competing to see who the better actor is. He was worried that it might make things uncomfortable. Luckily, he said we both looked pretty comfortable."

The two became friends after working together.

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