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"Rouge," Starring Kim Nam Gil and Jeon Do Yeon, Is Set For Release In May

BY Julie Jones | Apr 15, 2015 10:19 AM EDT


The producers of "Rouge," starring Kim Nam Gil and Jeon Do Yeon, have announced a release date for the film.

Also known as "Shameless," will reach theaters in May, said the film's production company, Sanai Pictures.

In the gritty crime thriller Kim Nam Gil plays detective Jung Jae Gon. He is in pursuit of a murder suspect and he doesn't mind breaking a few rules to catch him. The best clue Jung Jae Gon has to the whereabouts of the missing suspect is the existence of that suspect's girlfriend.

That girlfriend is bar hostess Kim Hye Kyung. Jeon Do Yeon plays Kim Hye Kyung. She's a woman who believes in her boyfriend's innocence and is waiting for his return.

While Detective Jung Jae Gon will do whatever it takes to catch a criminal, he begins to develop feelings for Kim Hye Kyung and becomes moved by her belief in the murder suspect's innocence. Will that change his views about the murder suspect? His relationship with Kim Hye Kyng could give him new reasons to want the murder suspect out of the picture but also a reason to believe in his innocence.

The appearance of these top actors is likely to draw interest in the film. 

Kim Nam Gil debuted in the drama "School 1."  After that he appeared in a few dramas, including "Queen Seonduk" and "Bad Guy," as well as a few films, including the acclaimed "Lovers Vanished."

Kim Nam Gil was last seen in the movies in the adventure film "Pirates," which he co-starred in with Son Ye Jin. He played a Joseon-era bandit. Before that he appeared in the drama "Shark," also co-starring with Son Ye Jin. In that drama he played a con man out for revenge.

Jeon Do Yeon has received many awards for her acting, including a Best Actress award at the 60th Cannes Film Festival. She is also the first Korean actress to serve as a judge at Cannes and the second Korean to serve on the nine-member panel.

Jeon, who made her film debut in the romance "The Contact," also starred in the melodramatic thriller "The Housemaid." That film was also shown in Cannes in 2010. In 2014 Jeon Do Yeon was seen in the role of a blind Joseon-era swordswoman in the film "Memories of the Sword," which co-stars Lee Byung Hun and Kim Go Eun.

Oh Seung Wook, who wrote the screenplay for "Christmas in August" and directed "Kilimanjaro" will direct "Rouge." CGV Arthouse will distribute the film.

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