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Lee Min Ho Steps Out Of A Parisian Fairy Tale For W Korea

BY Adrienne Stanley | Apr 15, 2015 09:21 PM EDT


Lee Min Ho is entrancing in his latest pictorial with W Korea.The photos depict the "Gangnam 1970" star in the streets of Paris, surrounded by gorgeous sconces and palatial scenery.

The photos, which are part of a pictorial titled "Once upon a time In Paris," were published by W Korea on April 16.

His image in each scene starkly contrasts with the carefree expressions that dominate his endorsement shoots. In the W Korea pictorial, he apperas to be aloof and puts forth an air of detached charisma.

He is styled in a selection of fashions, ranging from casual wear to stylish blazers but all of the clothes featured in the shoot are within dark blue hues. Perhaps, this was meant to pay homage to his recent film which was previously marketed as "Gangnam Blues."

"Gangnam 1970" marked a turning point for the Hallyu star, whose most popular acting roles been within the teen drama genre. "Gangnam 1970" provided him with the opportunity to embark upon a meaty role, which extended beyond Kim Tan of "The Heirs." 

His recent transition to film has increased his marketing potential, while raising his profile throughout Asia. Even though, he is in a public relationship, he has been able to maintain the interest of his large fanbase.

Industry insiders continue to speculate about his next project, while citing interview statements which hint at a drama or film within the Chinese market. Speculation regarding his next project has now increased, following the April 15 announcement that his girlfriend, Suzy, would be joining the cast of an upcoming Chinese film.

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