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B2ST Sing “Black Paradise” for “IRIS 2”

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 27, 2013 04:07 PM EST

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Idol group B2ST, participates in the KBS drama “IRIS 2” OST.

On February 27th, “Black Paradise” the song sang by idol group B2ST was released.

The song is composed by B2ST member Yong Joon Hyung, and musical producer Kim Tae Joo. Last week at the end of the 4th episode a little sneak peak of the song was given. Yong Joon Hyung Tweeted a bit of the lyrics to keep the fans of both the drama and group interested.

The song, which is the third part of the OST, after Davichi released “Do You Not Know” and Noel released “How Is It Going.” is a dark song that talks about a dark yet exciting feeling.

The song has elements of hip hop, and it's more upbeat, than the other two song that were more sorrowful. The song will be used for action and less dramatic scenes.

An insider commented, “the song in an upbeat and dark song, with mysterious lyrics that become addicting. It has an unique melody that makes the song more interesting.”

Watch the MV bellow.


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