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Actor Ki Tae Young Loves His Baby Girl

BY Julie Jones | Apr 20, 2015 02:40 PM EDT


When actor Ki Tae Young first looked at his baby daughter Ro Hee, he wondered why he waited so long to become a father. He really likes being a father and loves his daughter. But he joked that he had hoped she would look more like his wife.

When he appeared on the April 18 episode of the KBS program "Entertainment Weekly," he was asked if the baby looked more like him or singer-actress Eugene.

"I hoped she would resemble Eugene more," he said. "I told my wife to keep looking into a mirror but she kept looking at me instead."

A traditional Korean belief says that a child will look like the person that the mother looked at most often.

Ro Hee was born in Guam, where Eugene's parents live. Eugene was born in Seoul but moved to Guam with her family shortly after she graduated from elementary school. She returned to Korea during her high school years but chose to have her child in Guam at her parents' home.

The couple has been married for three years and previously said they wanted to have three or four children. Former S.E.S. member Eugene and Ki Tae Young met on the set of the 2009 drama "Creating Destiny.  But it was not love at first sight.

"When we first met," said Eugene a.k.a. Kim Yoo Jin. "I had no idea we would develop feelings for each other."

At first she thought he was cold, but later discovered that he was really shy. After working together for a while, they became friendly and started exchanging texts. The texts led to rumors that they were dating although at the time they were only friends. While they were discussing the rumors, they decided to date for real. They married in July 2011.

On the episode of Entertainment Weekly, Ki Tae Young made a sweet video message for his daughter.

"Ro Hee, it's dad," he said. "Thank you for being born healthy. Your dad will always protect you no matter what, until the person who will take my place shows up."

Eugene's most recent dramas were "Ohlala Couple," "A Hundred Year Legacy" and "Can We Love?"

Ki Tae Young was recently seen in "To The Beautiful," "Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident," and "Make A Wish."

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