KIm Soo Hyun Purchased A Car Worth More Than $185,000

Kim Soo Hyun
Lee Min Ho

The April 25 episode of "Entertainment Weekly" explored the prices of vehicles owned by some of Korea's hottest stars. Kim Soo Hyun was singled out for his recent purchase of a sports car that was reported to have been previously driven by Hollywood star, Tom Cruise. The "Producer" actor purchased through the car through a special agreement and for the hefty price of 200 million KRW or approximately $185,000.

His profile has continued to rise since the success of the fantasy romance, "My Love from the Star." The 27-year-old actor is tremendously popular in China and is the spokesmodel for several leading pan-Asian brands.

The episode went on to explore dating vehicles owned by Korean celebrities. It is common for top stars to have dates in their cars, which aids in their attempts to keep relationships undercover.

While Kim Soo Hyun may have recently purchased one of priciest cars, Lee Min Ho and Suzy enjoyed incognito dates in a domestically produced vehicle which garnered more than $110,000. The couple was also the topic of conversation in a different segment which focused on their increased worth, as endorsement powerhouses, since making their relationship known to the public.

Kim Soo Hyun returns to television, following a year-long absence on May 15 for the KBS drama, "Producer." He appears opposite Cha Tae Hyun (My Sassy Girl), Gong Hyo Jin (It's Okay, That's Love) and IU. The series is set within the variety show department of a major television studio, while presenting a meta representation of actual KBS programs such as "Music Bank" and "2 Days, 1 Night."

While the anticipation for "Producer," continues to remain high, fans are also geared up for Kim Soo Hyun's return to the big screen in the film noir, "Real." His last movie was the critically-acclaimed espionage blockbuster, "Secretly, Greatly."

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