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Kim Sa Rang Makes Her Comeback With A Story About Lost First Love

BY Julie Jones | Apr 30, 2015 01:02 PM EDT


It has been five years since Kim Sa Rang's last drama role. In "Secret Garden" she played a woman who plots revenge against her lost first love. For her comeback role, Kim has chosen a drama that also evokes the bittersweet and often distorted memories of first love.

Kim played Yoon Sang Hyun's producer ex-girlfriend in "Secret Garden." She was his character's first love. He loved her too but lost her by speaking carelessly. And neither of them ever forgot each other. Fortunately, they realized how precious that first love was and forgave each other.

In her upcoming drama, "My Love Eun Dong," her character also learns some lessons about first love.

"I hope that everyone can relate to the story as much as I have and remember their first loves," said Kim Sa Rang.

In "My Love Eun Dong," Kim plays a ghostwriter named Jung Eun. When the popular actor Ji Eun Ho asks her to ghostwrite his autobiography, she agrees. It's an interesting assignment but she is particularly fascinated by the story of the first love that he cannot forget. However, she is smart enough to know that memories get distorted over time.

That lost love has shaped Ji Eun Ho's life but not necessarily in a good way. He's tense, irritable, difficult to work with, and he blames it all on the direction his life took after he lost his love.

"Empress Ki" star Jo Jin Mo, "Melody of Love" star Baek Sung Hyun and GOT7's Jr. will play Ji Eun Ho at different ages as this drama spans two decades in his life. Jung Eun will learn that Ji Eun Ho became an actor not because he wanted to be a star but rather so he could reunite with his lost love.

Ji Eun Ho and Eun Dong have a long and complicated romantic history that spanned two decades. He's convinced he can never love anyone else but maybe some things are not meant to be. Kang So Ra's character will help him remember what he has forgotten about his first love and why he lost her.

The JTBC drama also stars Kim Yoo Ri, last seen as Ji Sung's first love in "Kill Me Heal Me, and Kim Tae Toon, now appearing as a bad teacher in "Angry Mom." "My Love Eun Dong" is scheduled to air in June on Friday and Saturday nights. It will follow the completion of "Falling For Innocence."

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