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Hyun Bin Shows His Shake Dance in New CF

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 06, 2013 04:35 PM EST

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Actor Hyun Bin does the “shake dance” for Samsung commercial.

Samsung recently revealed a 20-second promotional video for their smart TV line featuring Hallyu actor Hyun Bin.

In the video, the heartthrob is dressed in a simple suit, and talks about the Samsung service “All Share” which permits various devices like TVs, cellphones, tablets, and CPs with the service, share videos photos, video games, between them. The actor describes the service as fun and proceeds to do the “shake dance”

The “Shake dance” was feature in a commercial created by Samsung to introduce its “All Share” service. The goal of the commercial was to prove that a video can be shared and go viral very easily. In this commercial a DJ starts the shake dance and his video ends up become a viral sensation.

So Hyun Byun was also caught in the dance and ends up doing the “shake dance” in his very classy way.

Meanwhile, the actor will host his first official fan meeting after being discharge in Taiwan on March 9th.

Check the actor doing the shake dance bellow.

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