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Jin Se Yeon Enjoyed Her Break From Melodrama

BY Julie Jones | May 08, 2015 01:01 PM EDT


Jin Se Yeon's drama career had included some dark roles. She played a doomed freedom fighter Oh Mok Dan in "Bridal Mask." She was Song Jae Hee, a woman so brainwashed by the North Korean government that she betrays her longtime boyfriend in "Doctor Stranger." In "Inspiring Generation" she play Yoon Ok Ryun, another doomed character.

The actress said recently that she enjoyed taking a break from characters whose lives are so melodramatic.

To brighten her image, she took a role in the comedy film "Enemies-in-Law." It's a film about two people who fall in love but face one big obstacle. Their families are firmly entrenched on different sides of the law.

In the film Jin Se Yeon plays Young Hee, a police officer from a family full of law officers. She falls in love with Chul Soo, the son of a criminal family known for being expert thieves. Chul Soo, played by model-turned-actor Hong Jung Hyun, is willing to change sides and become a police officer. But his family sees that as a betrayal. Her family does not think he is sincere, even though the couple has been dating for seven years.

The film, which has been described as being something of a comedy, something of an action film, and also a thriller, made a nice change for Jin.

"It was much easier for me to make this movie," Jin Se Yeon said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Asia Today. "I was glad I could show you a brighter side of me. That's one of the biggest reasons why I chose 'Enemies-in-Law."

It was easier even though it was Jin's first leading film role. That part did cause some stress, but she described her co-star Hong Jung Hyun as being very helpful and easy to work with. She liked working on "Enemies-in-Law" so much that she would like to do another comedy.

"I want to be the funny one next," she said. "I think I can be even more cheery and bubbly than this."

In the five years since she made her acting debut, the 21-year-old actress has already appeared in eight dramas. "Enemies-in-Law" is her third film role.

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