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4 Reasons To Watch 'Ex-Girlfriend Club'

BY Adrienne Stanley | May 08, 2015 10:51 PM EDT


The tvN romantic comedy "Ex-Girlfriend Club" premiered on May 8, marking the K-Drama return of Song Ji Hyo, following her 2014 hit "Emergency Couple." "Emergency Couple" approached the fractured dynamics of divorce from a realistic perspective and  "Ex-Girlfriend Club" also provides an unique examination of failed relationships. If you have yet to watch the first episode, here are 4 reasons to watch "Ex-Girlfriend Club." 

1. Song Ji Hyo proves she is more than just a gag woman on "Running Man." 

Song Ji Hyo delivers a strong performance in the first episode, demonstrating her full potential as an actress. She portrays Kim Soo Jin, a film producer who works at a failing company. The majority of her co-workers have been laid off and she is ready to take on any project. She is willing to do anything to drum up business, even if it means compromising her beliefs or kissing up to tempermental starlets.

The episode opens with Soo Jin dressed in period costume, as she attempts to convince a popular actress to join her production. As the episode unfurls, Soo Jin attempts to appease her former co-workers. She puts forth a brave face before the hopeful staff and her brother's family but she is disconcerted about the state of the production company.

Her dismal circumstances begin to improve when the production company is offered the opportunity to adapt a popular webtoon into a film. However, the webtoon is comprised by her ex-boyfriend, Bang Myung Soo. 

2. Byun Yo Han has an extensive film career but "Ex-Girlfriend Club" proves that he is destined to be a sought after leading man in K-Drama. 

Byun Yo Han continues the momentum of "Misaeng" with the role of Bang Myung Soo in "Ex-Girlfriend Club." Myung Soo is brilliantly crafted as a character who is not a male chauvanist but is a typical single guy who has difficulty with commitment. He's reunited with Soo Jin in an awkward encounter where he clearly doesn't remember her identity or phone number. His realistic attempts to recall her name enrich the character, straying from the typical goodness of most leading men in K-Drama. 

3. Hwayoung is hilarious as Lara.

Hwayoung pursued an acting career after departing from the girl group T-ARA in 2012. She delivered several appearances including a role in the Lee Seung Gi's romantic comedy, "Love Forecast." Her portrayal of Lara, the ex-girlfriend who is desperately seeking affection from Myung Soo, is comically nuanced.

4. "Ex-Girlfriend Club" benefits from its placement on tvN, one of the most liberal cable networks in Korea. 

The "Reply" and "Flower Boy" series have helped to bolster the liberal romantic comedy lineup at tvN. "Ex-Girlfriend Club" has the potential to deliver nuanced commentary on modern relationships and dating.

"Ex-Girlfriend Club" airs on Fridays and Saturdays in the 8:30 p.m. KST time slot. The series is available with English subtitles on Viki. 

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