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Gong Hyo Jin Has To Be Mean To Kim Soo Hyun In 'The Producers'

BY Julie Jones | May 11, 2015 07:51 AM EDT


It might be hard for Kim Soo Hyun's fans to like anyone who is mean to him and that concerns actress Gong Hyo Jin. Since she plays a tough-as-nails producer in the drama "Producers" and he plays a rookie, her character will yell at him.

Gong Hyo Jin hopes that Kim Soo Hyun's fans won't hold it against her. Really, it's just the character she's playing.

"Of all the characters I ever played, Tak Ye Jin is the harshest," said Gong at the May 11 press conference for "The Producers."

Her character Tak Ye Jin works in the tense, high-stakes environment of TV production. To survive in that atmosphere, Tak has become pretty tough. She has no patience for mistakes and always lets people know what she thinks.

 "In the first episode there are no scenes where I smile and it's full of scenes where I educate the rookies," she said. "But in between that, the qualities that she lacks, created by the wittiness of writer Park Ji Eun, are charming and adorable."

One of the rookies on the music show that Tak produces is Baek Seung Chan, played by Kim Soo Hyun. That means Tak will have plenty of opportunities to get mad at him when he makes the inevitable rookie mistakes.

"In my role I let out my anger and scold others," said Gong. "I'm relieving my stress. I worry that I'll get hate for torturing Kim Soo Hyun and giving him a hard time but it has been fun."

Writer Park Ji Eun worked with Kim Soo Hyun on the drama "You Who Came From Another Star."

Gong Hyo Jin, who starred in the hit dramas "It's Okay, That's Love," "The Master's Sun" and "The Greatest Love" and recently appeared in the play "Educating Rita," liked Park Ji Eun's script so much she altered her schedule for it.

"After the play I was scheduled to film a movie in June but the script was so much fun. It was really funny. The kind of comedy Park Ji Eun writes is the kind of comedy I really like. I thought it was funny and had good feelings about it."

The Friday-Saturday drama, which also stars Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Kook, and IU, begins airing on May 15.

Seo Soo Min, who previously directed variety shows such as "Gag Concert" and "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook" will direct "The Producers."


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