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Park Bo Gum
Reply 1988
Coin Locker Girl

Park Bo Gum just landed his first leading drama role in the latest installment of the "Reply" series, titled "Reply 1988." The third story in this nostalgic trilogy is set in 1988 and will focus on a family and the neighborhood they live in.

Who is Park Bo Gum and what should you know about him?

1.     His last two films were hits. In the 2015 film "Coin Locker Girl" Park Bo Gum plays the cheerful, upbeat character Suk Hyun. "Coin Locker Girl" was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and achieved better-than-expected results at the box office. "The Admiral: Roaring Currents," the film Park appeared in before that, was also a critical and box office hit.

2.     Park's star has risen fast. It has only been four years since the actor made his debut in the film "Blind," playing Kim Ha Neul's younger brother. His next role was playing Min Gyu in the drama "Bridal Mask," starring Joo Won. He also won praise for playing the young Lee Seo Jin in the weekend drama "Wonderful Days."

3.     The 21-year-old actor is now a "Music Bank" emcee. Park was chosen not just because he can act, said the show's producers, but also because he is very enthusiastic about variety shows and music. He and Irene from Red Velvet will replace Bora and Park Seo Joon as emcees. He felt nervous about taking on the responsibility but also thought it seemed fated as his starting day was the same as his birthday.

"It really looks as if I was destined to appear on the program," he said.

4. Park Bo Gum and actor Lee Hyun Woo resemble each other.

 "Many friends told me that they saw me in the movie 'Blind.' I thought that was strange, because I did not participate in the film, so I watched it," said Lee Hyun Woo in an interview with Star News. "Then, I found out that my friends thought Park Bo Gum was me."

Lee Hyun Woo is not too concerned about the resemblance and wishes Park Bo Gum well. The resemblance has even resulted in the two actors growing closer.

5. Park Bo Gum met Joo Won again when he played the second lead in the classical music drama "Tomorrrow Cantabile." His cello-playing conductor character had a sad story and in the end lost the girl, played by Shin Eun Kyung, to Joo Won.

Fans can expect more from Park Bo Gum in 2015.

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