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Which Actor Inspired Kim Sa Rang To Lose Weight?

BY Julie Jones | May 28, 2015 09:53 AM EDT


At five-foot-eight-inches and barely 112 pounds, actress Kim Sa Rang is slender and shapely. But the actress and former beauty pageant winner was recently inspired to lose a few pounds because of a good-looking co-star.

At the press conference for her upcoming drama "My Love Eun Dong," the actress said she wants to lose some more weight because of her co-star actor Joo Jin Mo.

When asked about her ideal type she began speaking about the actor, who was last seen playing Ha Ji Won's royal love interest in "Empress Ki."

"Joo Jin Mo looks like a handsome sculpture," she said. "Because his face is so small, I feel pressured to lose some weight and go on a diet."

And that's before they have even been to a script reading.

"I have not started acting with him yet," said the 2008 Miss Korea winner. "I think I'll feel more pressure once I start."

She also spoke about actor Kim Tae Hoon, another co-star in the drama. She feels more at ease with Kim, who was last seen playing a corrupt and murderous teacher in the drama "Angry Mom."

"I'm more comfortable with him," said Kim Sa Rang. "He appeals to me in a different way than Joo Jin Mo."

In "My Love Eun Dong," also known as "Beloved Eun Dong," Joo Jin Mo's character is a star with the reputation of being difficult to deal with. He hires Kim Sa Rang's character to ghostwrite his autobiography. As they are working together he confesses that he became a star to attract the attention of his first lost love. He has loved her for 20 years. During the process of writing the book, Kim Sa Rang's character helps him realize why he loved and lost his beloved Eun Dong.

Kim Sa Rang's as not appeared in a drama or film since 2010. Her last drama role was playing Yoon Sang Hyun's first love in "Secret Garden." In that drama Yoon Sang Hyun, who played the star Oska, never got over his first love but they fortunately eventually reunite.

Joo Jin Mo too a two-year break after filming the 51-episode historical drama "Empress Ki." His last film role, playing Lee Chul Joo in "Friend: The Great Legacy," was also in 2013.

The drama also stars Kim Yoo Ri, Kim Yun Seo and Baek Sung Hyun. "My Love Eun Dong" begins airing on May 29.

Hopefully Kim Sa Rang won't lose too much weight as she looks great.

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